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The company that started to giving service in furniture sector in 1981, has accomplished to being one of trend setter companies of modern furniture thanks to Mehmet Çakar’s who is owner of company decisive step towards creating brand by the name Milano.

Milano Furniture that keeping it’s style and posture in furniture sector over the 35 years, along side of 9000 m2 factory in Çağlayan, is giving service with it’s owned supplier industry and growth cadre on mechandizing and project.

Milano takes place in architectural projects throughout the world and Turkey , although provides service to retail customers in stores with product range that is renewed yearly.

Milano Furniture that gives service to customers which follow domestic and outland designs by architectural cadre, alongside furniture, give service to customers about products that are part of decoration like lighting, carpet, curtain, wall paper.



In our designs, we always aim to combine the sense of aesthetics, functionality, and quality all together in parallel.

In Milano Furnitures, designs composed by the creative staff are manufactured by the engineers in the center park. We continue our production process as of we do in the first day, our goal is to combine different perspectives, with our installation staff and our engineers together. We maintain our modern style of design from the first day.


Based on a 9000m2 facility in İstanbul, Milano Furniture is serving its customers with a 80 people staff and experience more than 35 years. Our company has a production platform established using the high-end technology machines, all of which have been imported from Italy and Germany. As Milano Furniture, we always prefer using eco-friendly and user-friendly materials, embracing the concept of blending the past and the future together, using high-tech and artisanship.